Humans were not enough to save the Earth… AND That’s when a new species was born.

When climate change ravaged our planet, wiping away most of the living creatures, there was just one way to guarantee survival… Adaptation. And our planet is now populated by… MONSTERS!


Humans have 10 years to cut emissions to avoid dire climate scenarios, according to the *Global Carbon Budget Report

The climate crisis still seems very abstract to most people. People start to pay attention when it hits their backyard, their vacation destinations or their wallet. And that is now happening with more frequency.


To date, the conversation is mainly led by two groups: climate activists, focused on influencing more people in becoming activists, and corporations and regulators speaking their own language and pushing their own agendas.

Many people are aware that there is a climate emergency but they do not see it as a priority in their lives due to confusing and conflicting messaging. What’s the urgency? How can they get involved? Why should they care?

A mainstream, globally recognizable brand, native to the climate space, that will connect with audiences and will inspire them to get involved in a way that only beloved characters and stories are able to do.

A proprietary IP that will reach a mainstream audience through a variety of entertainment and education platforms.

A brand created to engage, educate and entertain a broad audience (some for the first time) about the climate and ecological crisis.

CO2oons™ is a universe of original characters: monsters that breathe CO2 and have adapted to the effects of climate change.

Our mission is to partner and collaborate with the world's top brands to create serial content, educational initiatives, films, events, consumer products and much more, and to become the universally recognized and beloved climate-native brand on the planet.

CO2oons™ will engage, entertain and educate, creating superfans who will advocate for real change. From backpacks and clothing to theaters and C-suites.

Divided into five distinct tribes, our monsters live in perfect sync with their respective biomes: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Ice.

We will build a passionate community.

Not simply a fan base but a group of strong, vocal and engaged believers who are loyal to our brand and proactive around our mission.

Carbon neutral with

Polygon’s suite of scaling solutions for Ethereum and investments in cutting-edge zero knowledge technology already put it at the forefront of onboarding the next billion users to Web3.

adaptable to many verticals

We see a huge opportunity across many verticals, where we can make an impact not only for ourselves, but for the expanding number of companies that are setting important climate-change initiatives and goals that they need to meet.


What is going on here? What’s CO2oons?

CO2oons is on a mission to change the way people think about, and engage, with the climate change conversation.

The core of our idea is this: we will use entertainment to build a mainstream, recognized global brand in the climate arena, that will inspire and connect with audiences in a way that only beloved characters and stories are able to do. We must find new and innovative ways to attract people to become involved in the fight to save our planet, and we believe that making the conversation positive and engaging will be the answer. We will partner and collaborate with the world’s top brands to create consumer products, educational initiatives, films, serial content and events all centered around our original IP: a population of creatures living in Earth’s near future, that have evolved out of the effects of climate change, and that are now the only living creatures on the planet.

Alright… so… this is an NFT project, right?

Even though our first step will be to launch an NFT collection, it will only be one facet of the business.

We believe in the power of community and fandom that NFTs can focus and amplify, so the first chapter of our company strategy will be the launch of an NFT collection… but we consider our NFT drop only a way to gather people in the same room to discuss the future together. For us, it’s the equivalent of the opening night of a much-anticipated movie, the opening party of a new good restaurant. Community is key for us… and one of the exciting things about building a brand in the present day is that we can give people the opportunity to help influence our journey, take an active part in our mission and own a piece of the CO2oons experience. We believe in the power and innovation of Web3, and firmly believe our company will be the point of connection between Web3 and the climate movement.

What are the next steps / roadmap?

Community is our priority; in fact, our Discord is now live and we are very excited about it! We are eager to see how the conversations start to take shape.

As for the NFTs, the first drop will happen very soon (more details on Nov 17th during our announcement at COP27) and will be limited to a very few pieces. It will be followed by the launch of our 10,000 pieces collection, which is planned for February 2023. We have some very interesting features in the works for that release and in the meantime we are assembling a strong team and a strong advisory board. As we build the verticals of the company, we are already in conversations with potential partners for toy lines, serial content and films, corporate events and education programs with top brands and much more.

Who should join the community and why? (And how!)

If you want to make an impact and help save our planet, please join us. If you support our mission of creating a strong company that will be the first (and ultimately) premier global brand in the climate change space… we definitely want you.

You should start by joining our Discord and connect with us on Twitter and Instagram, we will give constant updates there and try to keep everyone as engaged and interested as possible. In February, we will release a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will carry voting rights and that will allow each of the owners to vote on important topics, including company next steps, partners and initiatives, helping us drive the future of our project.

Neat! But… who’s behind all of this?

The leadership team is made up of people who genuinely care about the climate fight. We are executives with years of experience in creating and scaling companies and leading creative and marketing communication for some of the world’s top brands. Additionally, we’re putting together an advisory board made of some of the most valued thinkers, activists, decision makers and C-level executives in all the top industries that we are targeting.

Are you really trying to save the world?

Yes, is the short answer. And here’s why…

The current conversation is not working. If we don’t act now, we won’t have a hospitable planet very soon. So yes, we are trying to save the world. But we are not a non-profit. We believe that to make a global impact and realize our goal, we need to create real value with as many investors and brands involved as possible. We want our creatures everywhere, raising awareness and inspiring action not just from NGOs, activists and a small group of corporations, but from the largest audience possible. We believe that by making the conversation engaging and fun we will be able to reach a broader audience and to capture the interest of more people, in a more personal and active way.